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It's autumn, going on winter, and the leaves have almost all left the trees by now.  While autumn leaves in them selves often offer beautiful and majestic pictures, we mustn't forget that they can also serve as backdrops to give another objec an interesting context or a background.


In this picture the the leaves are included to give a contrast between the warm tones of the leaves on the background and the cold grey stone of the subject.  The coolness of the grey stone is emphasized in contrast to the warm tones of the autumn leaves. The face also has an expression that looks slightly dissappointed, maybe because the cold is coming?


Technically speaking the picture leaves something to be desired.  There is an underexposed patch on the neck which shouldn't be.  You might also argue that there should be more context, that the face occupies too much of the frame, creating a slight lack of interest.


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