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If you've ever been a tourist you know as well as I that for one reason or another you always end up with lots of pictures of statues.  The same type of statues that when you see them in your everyday life you don't give them a seconds thought.  Also, when most people see their own photos of a statue they often wonder: "why did I shoot that thing?".  So whether you put your friend in the frame or not, taking a decent statue photo should be top priority...

This picture is of a statue just outside my old house, it's one of the hundreds if not thousands of "everyday" statues that you can try your skills at.   A girl and a boy sitting naked with a large fish in their laps, now what could be more natural than that?


The first thing to note is the angle, it's from the frog perspective, i.e. looking up from a lower height.  That is very often the angle you get when looking at large statues in parks or on pillars, and often I'd say that you should try to avoid it.  In this particular case the situation is very much the opposite, this is a fairly small statue, slightly larger than real-size children of the same age, but not by much, and it's at ground level.  So the angle basically gives you the impression that it's a larger statue, which you may or may not want to give.


There was however another reason for choosing the angle on this photo.  If you look to the bottom left of the photo you'll see a bit of amber tree jotting out.  This statue is placed in the center of a residential area with lots of houses and trees around it, potentially very distracting.  Therefore I chose a "perspective grenouille", which allows me to get a smoother background of sky and clouds which while far from perfect, is better than the alternative in this case.


You'll also notice that I've cut from the knees down and also part of the boys arm.   The exact framing can of course be argued, but the shot is more compact, more "in your face" and the legs are of less importance.  Including more seldom gives you very much extra, so find something that really draws you into the image.  The focus in this case are the faces, with eyes aligned slightly under the top third division line, and the fish.  I would have liked to remove more of the knees, as it looks like we're peeking under hir "shirt", but that ended up giving me too much sky or too much cutting on the girl and boy.


Remember that you have to select your image, you're not generally a historian documenting scientifically, you're a storyteller looking for the emotional aspect, you're trying to convey whatever the statue first conveyed to you.



Histogram for Photo of Statue of Children


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