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Summertime is a great time for bugs of all sorts, whether big or small, and one way of making them slightly more interesting than just the ordinary macro-closeup is to put them in a larger context.  In this case a page of The Economist serves well as that larger context.


The first thing you might notice with this picture is that from a compositional point of view it isn't really good at all.  The main subject, the bug, is dead center in the picture and probably a way too small, most of the picture is blurred since I've used a low f-stop giving very little depth of field and there are no lines to follow in the picture except the red line which actually creates a bow from bottom right to bottom left of the picture, you won't find that in any guide to good composition any time soon.

Photo of Bug on The Economist

A cropping of the picture as shown below works somewhat better, especially emphasizing the text "Beast" in  combination with the bug.  But the main goal here is to show that the context significantly affects the subject.





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