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Photo Analysis: Statue of Children E-mail

Photo of statue of children - Click for larger version

If you've ever been a tourist you know as well as I that for one reason or another you always end up with lots of pictures of statues.  The same type of statues that when you see them in your everyday life you don't give them a seconds thought.  Also, when most people see their own photos of a statue they often wonder: "why did I shoot that thing?".  So whether you put your friend in the frame or not, taking a decent statue photo should be top priority...

Photo Analysis: Spring Sign E-mail

Photo of bud - Click for larger image Spring is in the air, well, at least in some places, the world is pretty large after all.  For just about every species on earth Spring is all about breaking free.  Whether you're a young american up for "spring break" or you're a bear fed up with your hibernation, or just an office rat who wants to savour your first outdoor beer of the season, it's time to shoot spring signs...


Photologue: Australian Crocodiles E-mail

Photo of Australian Sunset - Click for larger versionAustralia is a land of many wonders.  You could be resting on the beach, looking at a wonderful sunset over the coral sea, dreaming of the way life should always be, and while you're sitting there contemplating, along comes a prehistoric predator for it's final meal of the day...


Photo Analysis: Butterfly Hiding E-mail

Photo of butterfly hiding

From bees, or flies (yes the bee in my previous photo analysis was a fly, not a bee), to butterflies.  Many of the challenges are the same, and many of the solutions also, but since this particular picture was taken in a tropical garden there are a couple of extra challenges that you will be familiar with if you've ever tried, and if you haven't, here's how to avoid a couple of pitfalls...

Photo Analysis Bee E-mail

Photo of bee on flower

Insects are one of my personal favourite subjects to photograph.  One of the reasons why insects are fun is perhaps that they are so alien.  When you get close enough, and you get a good shot then you are almost always surprised by how different they really are to mammals.  If an insect were two meters tall you would generally consider it an alien in appearance.  With a macrolens or a photo lens you can really get this difference onto the frame...

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