Dead people come to life

Dead CyclistA couple of weeks ago I had the great pleasure of visiting Gunther Von Haagens exhibition "Body Worlds" in Berlin. You might thing looking at real dead people stripped of their skin to reveal their innards and set up in a series of macabre configurations might be scary or disgusting, but the truth is that the exhibition is simply fascinating.

While it is not permitted to take photos for the ordinary mortals (yes, those like youHorse Rider parted in two and me) I just couldn't avoid trying a couple of phone-shots. There is nothing great about these pictures, it's all in the subject. So to make good on my breach of protocol I'll just say, for all of you who haven't visited it yet, catch up on one of the many exhibitions around the world.

To the right you have a cyclist, joints separated/stretched so as to appear as a giant (about 2-3 times the normal size) and to the right you have a horse and rider, the rider split vertically to show the innards and with a brain in each outstretched hand: the horses in one, his own in the other.

And if anyone can get me in for a real photosession with the beauties please do call :)


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