Looking for the summer

Looking for the summerAs you may or may not know I live in Norway. If you are not familiar with the place I guess "Alaska" is the most famous comparable place on earth. Therefore, I'm looking for the summer...

Now, as if it weren't enough that winter is coming closer by the minute in Oslo, myboss recently informedme that I'll be sent to a place called "Troms" from January on. If you're not familiar with this town, you may know it is located about the same latitude as Siberia, way up north in Norway, and competes for the title "The northliest most city in the world".

Is it strange then that I choose to spend December in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia where the climate is more suited to my particular tastes?The photography opportunities should be plentiful I think, so look forward to some updates in the coming weeks and months (because I'm a bit on the lazy side).The pictures hereare from my previous trip to Thailand this February.Looking for the Bells
If you have tips for things to snap in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam og Cambodia, please write them up below and I'll do my best to find them when I'm there.


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